060 – TEST Calke Abbey (18 – 22 Apr)

060 – TEST Calke Abbey (18 – 22 Apr)


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Easter Weekend: Thursday 18th – Monday 22nd April

Come and spend Easter working around and exploring Calke Abbey, in Derbyshire.
Led by Anne Weston, Helen Wingate, Andy Whiteley.

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Can I buy book this event for someone else?

Of course!  Just let us know who is coming with a note on the checkout page.  If you’ve booked several events you might need to let us know who is coming on which event – referring to the event numbers/locations can be helpful.

I've never been to one of these before!

You’ll need to complete a booking form the first time and email it to info@lwmntv.org.uk – if you haven’t booked with us before, we’ll need to get some details from you, to contact you, to learn what you can’t or don’t want to eat, and to make sure that the National Trust’s insurance covers us – everyone who comes has to be pre-booked (more details in our small print).  You can also read up about what happens on the events, and what you need to bring.

When's the latest I can book or cancel?

On events like these where food needs to be planned and bought by our lovely volunteer leaders, all bookings are final 2 days before the event starts.  For events that start on Friday evening, this cut-off is usually Wednesday, though for longer events, the cut off might be earlier.  If you book and we are unable to accomodate you, your order will be refunded.  If you cancel after the cut off, we would normally be unable to refund you, since the money will have been spent on food.

[thrive_acc,ordion title=”I’m due a refund, can I have that taken off this booking?” no=”4/8″ default=”no”] No, we handle refunds separately to bookings to avoid confusion.  It helps keep our processes simple and responsive if you can contact the treasurer directly for refunds due, at info@lwmntv.org.uk.

This event is full, can I go on a waiting list?

Yes! Anyone who books after the event is sold out is put on a waiting list, and we will let you know if any become free – first come, first served. We try to fit in as many as possible, the more hands to the task, the better for everyone!

How can I cancel my booking?

If you email bookings on info@lwmntv.org.uk, let us know the order number, and which weekend you need to cancel, we should be able to arrange any refunds due – subject to our cancellation cut-off date – and make the space available to someone else.

What is included in the ticket price?

Simply put, food and accomodation.  You can find more details on our pages about how we run our events.

How can I find out about the area we'll visit?

We have pages describing key details of the places we stay, visit, and work at on this site, in our bunkhouse and worksite guide, and for a wealth of other information about the area, the National Trust website has a wealth of information, including local events, special exhibitions, and ideas for things to do, just look for the name of the place or bunkhouse in their search tool.