40th Anniversary mug

40th Anniversary mug


Simple and hardwearing, perfect for use on the worksite, this white enamelled metal mug is printed with the LWM 40th Anniversary design.

Limited stock:  Will be re-ordered if there is sufficient demand, please register your interest by placing a back order, and you will be notified of availability

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Please note: Due to the hand-crafted nature of the Enamel mug each product will differ slightly and is expected to contain light defects such as dimples, colour blemishes and black dots. These are all classed as acceptable defects and should be considered before purchasing. 

Since this is a printable enamel, the drinks may stain the inside of the cup. Staining may be removed with babies’ bottle sterilising tablets, or similarly weak bleach solution if required, keeping the solution away from the design.

Hand wash only and immediately dry thoroughly as rust spots may occur. This is an inherent characteristic of enamel mugs.