About Us

The London & West Middlesex National Trust Volunteers are an environmental conservation group, who perform practical conservation work on National Trust properties at weekends, throughout England and Wales. The group is a voluntary non-profit-making organisation.


Last year, 2015, we had a total of 2,692 volunteer hours from 55 people for the National Trust, or about the same as 1¼ full time staff members.

The top 10 volunteers provided 58% of the total hours, and the top 20 79%. The top volunteer attended 23 projects and gave up 230 hours of time, equivalent to just over 6 weeks work.

The group, which was founded in 1977, draws its membership primarily from London and the Home Counties, but does have members all over Britain.


We have about 120 members from a wide range of backgrounds, age groups and skills. Our work parties tend to vary in size between 5 and 18 people.